Become a global champion in inclusion
accelerating the transition to an inclusive planet
starting from your organization and stakeholders
Leverage the size of your stakeholders for mass impact!
With WeGlad, you can largely improve your social impact metrics and D&I awareness,
by tackling stakeholder engagement through our technology, playful gamification,
cross-level training and on demand branded content.

Leverage the size of your stakeholders for mass impact!
Our Value Proposition:
Own the Diversity & Inclusion Arena,
with a turnkey, 3 step check-mate journey with us
Executive Summary:
Preparation for a company-wide CSR Mobility Challenge, metrics, practical activity and surveys on the outdoor piloting.
Team building events and workshops using the WeGlad app, where employees practically test mobility issues with new eyes in an engaging, guided and competitive way.
ENGAGE (practice)
Executive Summary:
Full company allignment and cultural shift in terms of awareness and inclusive language.
We provide 4 specific courses that stimulates a deep dive on dynamics, behaviour, social interaction, inclusive design and talent empowerment, of people with disabilities.
EDUCATE (theory)
Executive Summary:
Vast and measurable impact with quali-quantitative metrics, strong media presence, boosted culture.
Mappathon: high level stakeholder engagement through a massive gamified corporate challenge, where they create accessibility data, competing for the big reward.
ELEVATE (scale)
To achieve the D&I objectives, companies must be courageous because they have to face non-inclusive behaviors, unfair and discriminatory practices
UNI ISO 30415 - D&I
Start with a training experience from top management all the way to the employees, enhancing inclusive awareness and culture.

Our courses focus, is on understanding disability both in terms of human to human interactions, but also it's organizational and cultural role. We then explode it into an enlarged view of diversity, it's processes and dynamics. It structures in practical sparrings on verbal and non verbal comunication, ending with a path to forge a mindset that aims to innovate on all levels of ideation, processes, experimentation and experiences, through a "Design4All"formula.
Time to get practical about inclusion.
We've designed workshops that help people develop a new, human
oriented angle in viewing physical, digital and interactional suroundings.

We do it through small focus groups that aim to unlock a deeper view
of architectural barriers and communication obstacles. After the workshops, the final practical dive: the "Spritnathon", small scale events where the groups
of employees use the WeGlad app, proactively looking for barriers and mapping them, not only deepening what they learned, but also creating accessibility data, powered by the Corporate Brand they stand for.
Educate - step 1:
Engage - step 2:
Elevate - step 3:
After both a theoretical and a practical dive, it's time to make it culture.
This happens by doing a vertical, cross-deparment, company-wide stakeholder engagement: "The Mappathon".

It consists in uniting internal and/or external stakeholders, that through branded comunication and app dynamics are "gamified" and engaged to create accessibility data and continously plaufuly learning about inclusion.

Each time they'll move, both outdoor on the streets, and indoor in any open to public building they'll be able to expand the company's accessibility aura across the cities. The data is tracked and branded.

A public ranking will show best mappers that will be awarded with valuable rewards.
All output and outcome metrics are measured and given back to the company through branded dashboards with qualitative and quantitative metrics that prove a reliable, backed by data SROI.

All that, without slowing any operation, through a guided turnkey solution, real time tracked.
Time to scale
Reach out & discover how to customize it to match both your sustainability & core business strategy.
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