We collect accessibility information all around the world.

With good information you can choose better and express your freedom to move and enjoy surroundings of your choice.

We prioritize security over speed and transparent objective information over aproximative data.

We show you how things really are, you decide what fits for you and
what does not.

Join us, use, explore and map with the first OPEN SOCIAL NAVIGATOR!
Map obstacles on the street

Take photos of any architectural barrier and publish them on the map,
this way the data you create will be availble and helpful
to the community immediately
Map open to public facilities

When you move around in any facility, you can map them
in few clicks providing key information concerning the accessibility
of the entrance, internal room for maneuver, the WC, lift, ecc...
Check any information created by the community
in real time

When you go around the city, check the contributions
of other gladiators! You’ll save time and find the solution that best fits you. Objective & visual information will efficiently guide you towards your target destination.
Share ideas and information by interacting with the community

Write on the general chat of the community or read the feed list and interact inclusively with other people. Write your own content and become a WeGlad Ambassador by inspiring others with your thoughts!

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